Kingdom Revolution 1/24/15

Acts 21 and 22
Every great move of God is has been met with resistance. It often has two sides pressing in. Those who are your target audience “the world”, the ones that God is trying to reach, that resists. Those who are suppose to have your back. Those who are on “God’s side” and should be following God’s move but resist it because they are often content with what they have built. You literally can read the struggle between the New Covenant believers and the Old covenant believers. The Law vs The Gospel of Grace. This tension is not relieved until the temple of Jerusalem is finally destroyed. Paul repeatedly tried to reach the Jews to the point of frustration sometimes Acts 19)

We live in a time when the earth groans for the revealing of the sons of God we are a generation of God’s people being equipped to fulfill our destiny.  We live an a time
of such intensity.We support a kingdom of light and truth.

We are the leaders of the revolution.
We are a liability
We are dangerous

Will we live in such a way that shakes kingdoms and ushers in His reign?