Joining the Rev Group

The Rev Group, lead by Tommy and Krissi Green. is an incredible  ministry that seeks to gather and befriend churches from all over. They offer support and love to anyone who wants to come an be a part. Tommy reached out to our community and asked us if we wanted to be a part of it. So when they hosted …

Our first missionaries sent out

Kerri and Brandon Basista served our community faithfully during their time with us. When God put it on their hearts to move to New Hampshire and work with His Mansion, we were proud to partner and support them. This was the first time we had raised up leaders and released them into other places.

New name, and a revived vision

A year after the leadership team shifted the church took some time to reflect on all that has happened since it’s start. We began to realize how much we have changed since our community started. Our collective identity had been discovered and we realized our heart to provide a place of belonging for those who were looking for connection. That’s …

Shift in leadership

After several months of praying the Elysium Leadership team knew that Pastor Don’s time as our Lead Pastor had come to an end. After many years of faithfully leading our community a shift began. After spending more time in prayer the Lead Pastor position was given to Pastor Alberto and 3 Elders (Jacob Carroll, Brandon Basisrta, and Chris Cox) were …

Crystal launches our children’s ministry

Our church start to expand rapidly with all the families who were having kids and all the new families with children joining us. Our super creative member Crystal created and developed our children’s ministry. She created lesson plans, events, recruited volunteers, organized schedules, raised up leaders, and taught on the importance of discipling our little ones.

Our church starts sending missionaries to Haiti.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti our community started flying down to help support FOM Port-au-Prince. FOM is an incredible ministry that we’ve had the pleasure of working with since the start of our community. When we were offered the chance to fly down and rotate teams for the next year or so, we jumped at the oppurtunity.

Our church moves to Church on the Rock Melbourne

After hosting our services at LifeHouse for a little over a year, we transitioned to Church on the Rock where we began holding our services there. Since our transition we’ve been able to launch several ministries throughout our area and across the US.

Skatepark 2008

We were so excited when we were invited to work with The Park and offer two church services for the kids that showed up on Sundays.  We had a Sunday morning service at 10am and a Sunday evening service at 6pm. During our first Sunday there we saw over 150 kids show up and hear the Gospel.

Alysia becomes our Worship Leader

Alysia was serving in our worship band for over a year when she was confirmed as our official Worship Leader. A role that has grown and has open the doors for others to be raised up.